Tom Cullberg

Finding New life in an Old Form

Publisher: Barnard Gallery

ISBN: 978-0-620-80894-1

Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 2 cm

Pages: 101

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Finding New Life in an Old Form by Tom Cullberg at Barnard from August 21 through October 02, 2018 and including works 2015 to 2018.


Edition: 100 (signed and numbered)

Layout: Alexandra Gaag and Alastair Whitton

Design: Alexandra Gaag and Alastair Whitton

Text: Sean O’Toole; Andrew Lamprecht

Photography: Vanessa Cowling

Printing & Binding: Orms Print Room

Print Consultant: Zane Luther

Copyright: Tom Cullberg and Barnard

Printed and bound in South Africa