Work by Jaco van Schalkwyk is included in the in the group exhibition In Silva, curated by Dineke van der Walt art KKNK.


The exhibition explores the narrative qualities of contemporary art. The artists and curator collaborate to activate the gallery as a narrative space where different narrative threads can be explored by viewers. The exhibition takes place In Silva, or ‘in the forest’ signalling the societal forest we’re all navigating through. It is a place filled with crossroads, forks, and dead-ends where people can get lost and where you’re most likely forced to confront your identity and perspective of the world.

The viewer entering In Silva will encounter a visual narrative ‘brought to life’ through diverse mediums such as silk thread, animal hide, wood, photography and paint as important tools in the visual storytelling. While each artwork references its own inherent topic or story through a specific medium, they’re assembled in one space to examine the possible conversations between them. The narrative is frozen mid-story, allowing the viewer to cross the narrative threshold and become part of it. Viewing the different artworks as stills or freeze frames will allow you to participate and ‘fill in the gaps’ so as to find the narrative thread. Seen in relation to each other, the various works have the potential to form a continuation of events and therefore also a story. As such, all artworks become clues to uncover.


Each person entering the exhibition consequently has the opportunity to change the narrative as a participating actor. The narrative, therefore, unfolds in the viewer’s response to and conversation around the artworks.


Against this background, the exhibition examines our complicated connection to stories and our understanding of them. It looks at the ways in which the narratives we hear and repeat can impact and reflect our view on life and social encounters. Viewers are encouraged to discover and read the multiple stories that unfold through these works but to also reflect on their interpretations of them.

KKNK exhibition dates: 21-27March 2019
Opening event: 20 March, 18:00

Venue: The Prince Vintcent Building (c/o Baron Van Reede & Church Street, Oudsthoorn)

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March 20, 2019