Tom Cullberg

Ex Libris group exhibition

Work by Tom Cullberg is included in the group exhibition EX LIBRIS about books, book plates, book curses, book ownership, and the provenance of books curated by Barbara Wildenboer openimg on Saturday the 12th of November at 11AM  at Everard Read at Leeu Estates | Dassenberg Road, Franschhoek.


Ex Libris combines the work of 11 South African-based artists working with media ranging from painting to calligraphy to printmaking and to the use of books as found objects. Each artist has been chosen specifically for the way in which they engage in some manner with the book/book page/text as either a physical object or as an abstract idea.


The book as a material object has a long history of being stolen, burned or otherwise vandalized. The central purpose of the ex-libris or bookplate was the same as that of the earlier book curse: to protect the book from thieves and vandals. Ex Libris literally translates as "from books" and is used to mean “from the library of.”


Through a collection of artworks dealing with the book, not only as subject matter but also as raw material, the exhibition Ex Libris will transform the gallery space into a conceptual library of sorts that comments on conflicting ideas of authorship, ownership, appropriation and theft.


Participating artists:

Kamyar Bineshtarigh

Tom Cullberg

Stephan Erasmus

Bella Knemeyer

Warren Maroon

Maja Marx

Sepideh Mehraban

Seretse Moletsane

Brett Seiler

Barbara Wildenboer & Elizabeth Msiza collaboration

November 11, 2022