Cartographies of Becoming, Quellenhaus, Sylt Quelle, Rantum, Germany

Walkabout of the exhibition Cartographies of Becoming with curator Indra Wussow and the artists Jaco Van Schalkwyk  and Gideon Mendel tonight, 19 Mai at 6 pm at the Quellenhaus, Sylt Quelle, Rantum, Germany.
Cartographies of Becoming interrogates the ephemeral process of positioning the self, the artist self and the social in response to a world in disintegration. How can we imagine, dream and create new meaning-making through the remembrance, and re-arrangement of perspectives, of memories, of trauma, of experiences?
Six artists and their departure from the certainty of our cultural maps of belonging into the ephemeral space of transition. The transition as a response to the urge of a changing climate, the transition of bringing violent memories into the light, the transition into healing nature and ourselves after having been turned into a capitalist commodity.
Becoming, whose changes happen on the plane of our human bodies and our minds. A becoming that needs a paradigm shift in our interactions with nature and among us humans. Five artistic responses as journeys into the deep layers of transience and an excavation of what baggage we take with us on the inevitable departure that could mean both, a new beginning or the beginning of the end.
May 19, 2022