Lien Botha

Die Hand, Die Mond, Die Hart Vlam Vol

Lien Botha's Lost in Translation set of artist proofs has been selected to be exhibited at the Breytenbach Centrum in Wellington from 23 April, 2022. The centre/gallery is affiliated with artist and poet Breyten Breytenbach and has a strong literary exponent.

The Breytenbach Gallery, with its wooden floor, shuttered windows, thick walls, high ceilings and natural light, offers an authentic exhibition space in the heart of the Boland, which constantly exhibits excellent South African and international art.

Anne-Ghrett Erasmus, painter and poet who debuted with The Delicious Peach is a Fig , runs the gallery and the adjoining Kardoes Art Shop.

The popular gallery has already been booked well in advance, but interested artists can contact Anne-Ghrett at:
083 415 0002 /

April 14, 2022