Maurizio Donzelli - The empty set

Curated by Gabriele Salvaterra

The exhibition will be open until July 23rd 2022.

The empty set refers to the concept developed by philosopher and art critic Federico Ferrari to define the status of a certain type of image, poised between presence and absence, finite and infinite, immanence and transcendence, nothing and everything. “The empty set refers to a paradoxical concept. It is, in fact, a whole that has no elements and is therefore composed of nothing, but which, as a whole, is something”.

The exhibition will present works selected from the artist's main series: Mirrors, Tapestries and the most recent and unpublished series of acrylics, the Reds. In addition, a sculptural work from the Aleph series, through the expedient of mirrors, revives the paradoxical concomitance of emptiness and totality that has always involved Donzelli's research and is continually proposed to the viewer
April 14, 2022