Jo Hummel

Two person show with Minh Gung Vu

Jo Hummel's works are characterized by a painted surface collaged with paper, on which she applies spontaneous variations of space, color and form.
Although her collages of paintings are physically engaged and materially driven, the context is deliberately anthropological and Hummel's works are informed by human habits and behavior, with a particular interest in determinism and free will as well as formal concerns.
Conducting experiments, where process often determines the outcome, Hummel provides a safe arena for improvisation, a place where rational procedure can coexist alongside intuition. She explores the unpredictable nature of intuition and spontaneity – her practice functions as a simulation of decision-making experiences that allow her to capture and harness sensations such as fear or serenity. And through these conflicting emotional states of comfort, contentment, fear, dislike, and so on, Hummel is able to tap into the ubiquitous perceived state of human insecurity. The social structures in which we all exist guide and influence how we feel and what we do on a daily basis. Our social class, religion, gender, and ethnicity all play a part in what we find comfortable or uncomfortable.
The nature of collage is that a work is in constant flux during its creation. The artist must negotiate the canvas by rearranging, selecting and adjusting, often over long periods of time and after exploring hundreds, even thousands, of the infinite possible outcomes. That way, the creative process itself is just as meaningful as the end result.


The exhibition runs until 7 May at Galerie Benjamin Eck, München.

April 14, 2022