2 Feb - 8 Mar 2022

Barnard is pleased to present Abstract_ed. an exhibition of works by selected artists whose respective practices consider varying degrees of abstraction in painting and mixed media. While referencing a number of 20th century masters, each artist nonetheless expresses a unique and contemporary interpretation of this established language in the history of art. Collectively and in conversation, these works articulate various interpretations of form and colour and akin to classical or instrumental musical composition require a sensory engagement to be ‘understood’. 

Abstract_ed. includes work by Dirk Salz (GER), Jo Hummel (UK), Liberty Battson (RSA), Jennifer Morrison (RSA / UK), Tom Cullberg (SWE / RSA), Katherine Spindler (RSA), Asha Zero (RSA), Jill Trappler (RSA) and Jo O'Connor (RSA).

February 2, 2022