KKNK Virtual Gallery

The Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) Virtual Art Gallery, supported by ABSA, opens its “doors” for the second time on 29 June.

Dineke van der Walt, curator of this gallery, received the kykNET Fiësta award for Best Achievement in Visual Arts for last year’s Virtual Art Gallery. The gallery was also nominated as one of the Best Online Projects at the 11th annual Fiësta Awards.

The theme for this year’s Visual Art Gallery, supported by ABSA, is Feel, and artists and curators were asked to explore the many subtleties of emotions. “We all have distinct positive and negative experiences that affect us deeply and shape our lives,” says Van der Walt. “Through art we find expression – a way of pinpointing feelings that seem impossible to articulate otherwise. At times, art can offer us an escape, a cathartic way to purge emotions. But artworks can also act as vessels that encapsulate and contain our deepest fears, sorrows or joys. This gallery aims to expand our understanding of the multitude of emotions that touch our lives, even those that are almost abstract, or seemingly indescribable.”

Work by Jaco van Schalkwyk is included in the exhibition Paint. Verf., curated by Johan Myburg (the 2020 Hertzog Prize Winner and works by Alexia Vogel are part of Something Pauses, curated by Christa Swart from the Glen Carlou Gallery.

Visit the KKNK’s website at www.kknk.co.za to view the exhibitions.

July 1, 2021