Lien Botha

Lien Botha’s second Afrikaans novel Vin

Lien Botha’s second Afrikaans novel  Vin (published by Queillerie) will be released  in July.


Vin is the narrative of artist-curator Vin Verster’s gradual release of her amenable attachment to art, her relationship with her archaeologist husband Ryk and her ability to feel at peace in South Africa. Through two decades of artist’s residencies, persistent family issues and the obsession with her antagonist in the art world, the reader observes through the eyes of this resourceful art fugitive. In Florence she witnesses the attacks of 9/11 and on a North Sea island, a major catastrophe hits her. 


Primarily, Vin is an art novel, accompanied by a website which allows the reader visual insights into many of the artworks and locations experienced by Vin during her journeys.


“Vin bied aan die leser ’n uitdaging wat jou lei op ’n veelkantige en verrykende avontuur. Dit is tegelyk speurtog en ’n ontginning van die binnewêreld van ’n kunstenaar.” 

Kerneels Breytenbach
July 1, 2021