Felicitas Hoppe and Indra Wussow in Conversation

What happens when we travel - inward or outward? Do we really arrive anywhere? What expectations and preconceptions do we bring? Do we only see what we want to see?

Two international travellers, Felicitas Hoppe and Indra Wussow, discuss the stresses and strains of travel and the joy of the journey.  Exploring journeying through familiar and foreign landscapes, they ask illuminating questions about our longing for paradise and the limits and possibilities of cultural appropriation. Inevitably the conversation turns towards enforced settling and retreating during the time of Corona. 

These musings are flanked by a series of paintings by South African artist, Jaco van Schalkwyk, called Homage to my fellow Travellers. An additional layer of meaning is also added by a sound installation by well-known South African composer and pianist, Jill Richards. 


Please contact the gallery if you would like to purchase a book for R350.

December 10, 2020