Opening tonight

Dominique Edwards – Feelthings
Join us for the opening reception tonight, 26 Sept at 6:30 pm with guest speaker Virginia MacKenny
Process and labour intensive, the enigmatic plaster forms of Dominique Edwards have evolved intuitively over the past two years. With layers of plastering, additions and extensions, carving away and ultimately sanding to a high-level finish, the work represents an extensive practice-based meditation through the medium of Plaster of Paris. 
Unlike traditional uses in casting and mould making, the plaster things of this exhibition are ends in and of themselves, their insides and surfaces have been negotiated over long periods in the artists’ studio. The emerging forms, the feelthings, are found in this way and are the culmination of a visceral negotiation with plaster involving a messy process of finding solidity from fine powder. In effect they represent a collection of encounters with both the chaos and harmony of making, asking what it means to think or feel with a material? 
September 26, 2019