Katherine Spindler

From Matter to Matter

Currently on show is Katherine Spindler’s solo exhibition From Matter to Matter. This, the artist’s fourth solo project with Barnard follows her previous shows Selah (2015), To Hold Time (2017) and Still(2018). In his recent essay A Slow Exposure acclaimed author Ashraf Jamal notes ‘Spindler’s latest show, From Matter to Matter, conjures empowering feelings or intuitions or dreaded yearnings. The tools Spindler uses, white bread and paper towels – amongst other more conventional appliances – suggests someone who is never wholly enamoured by the dignity of art-making. Rather, what matters far more is the marvellous perplexity it affords. A chair hovers in a near yet oblique distance … a drooping figure lingers hesitantly between worlds … words cling to surfaces that quiver … nothing binds, and yet everything just does, as Spindler’s world comes into view – as a ‘slow exposure.’

August 29, 2019