Dominique Edwards


Barnard Gallery invites you to view the latest body of work by Dominique Edwards. 
On show will be three dimensional works in plaster as well as ink drawings.
Process and labour intensive, the enigmatic plaster forms have evolved intuitively over the past two years. With layers of plastering, additions and extensions, carving away and ultimately sanding to a high-level finish, the work represents an extensive practice-based meditation through the medium of Plaster of Paris. Unlike traditional uses in casting and mould-making, the plaster things of this exhibition are ends in themselves, their insides and their surfaces have been negotiated over long periods in the artists’ studio. The forms, the feelthings, are found in this way.
As with previous work, under the title of Gutspeak, Dominique Edwards suggests that the space between maker and material is both mysterious and multi-agential, an interaction of knowledge systems and affective entanglements. The stakes are high for this endeavour, are the things we make mere reflections of our inner workings or do they breathe with a similar primordial urge to exist and extend influence? In this way, the work speaks to the androgynous coupling of creative forces in the world, much like the Babylonian creation story of Tiamat, and to other cosmogonic myths, animism, new materialism and theories of affect that challenge the conventional separation and order of things. 

August 29, 2019