- nano 1.1: Curated Group Exhibition

Barnard Gallery is pleased to present its group exhibition, nano- 1.1


A concept of relative simplicity, nano- 1.1 invited artists to zoom in, scale down, shrink, condense, encapsulate and compact; submitting works no larger than 20 x 20 cm. The exhibition is an opportunity to play with scale, to explore what effects it has for both artist and viewer, and what new parameters it may set for the curator and the gallery space.


Smaller works immediately require and create a greater intimacy with the viewer, compelling us to come closer, look closer, stay longer. While large, expansive works keep us at a distance, smaller works activate interiority and introspection. They require a sharper focus, a keener gaze, a lingering attention. Playing into our fascination with the miniature, small works conjure whimsy, a sense of the magical, a playfulness. But profundity need not be reserved only for the grandiose, and by requiring an economy of expression from the artist, smaller works are also often surprisingly affecting and impactful.


The exhibition features over 50 artists including Lien Botha, Alexia Vogel, Isabella Kuijers, Mia Chaplin, Gabrielle Raaff, Gitte Moller, Karin Daymond, Louis Nel, Ryan Hewett, Tom Cullberg, Vanessa Cowling, Ashley Walters, Robyn Penn, Marsi van de Heuvel, Nicholas Hales, Paul Senyol, Julia Swanepoel Pepler, Colijn Strydom, Benny Buckle, Claire Johnson, MJ Lourens, Dominique Edwards, Alastair Whitton, Justin Dingwall, Cathy Layzell, Sarah Biggs, Anton Karstel, Barbara Wildenboer, Gerick Terblanche, Richard Mudariki, Grace Cross, Michaela Younge, Gabi Lee, Daniel Maggs, Katherine Bull, Lauren Palte, Sue Greeff, Swain Hoogervorst, Michal Kruger, Fanie Buys, Alice Toich, Matthew Hindley, Sorrel Hofmann, Gina Niederhumer, Stephen Inggs, Kirsten Lilford, Svea Josephy, Zarah Cassim, Katherine Spindler, Hanien Conradie, Jean Brundit, Fritha Langerman and Jordan Sweke.