Maurizio Donzelli studied architecture in Venice and taught Theory of Perception and Psychology of Colour at the NABA and Santa Giulia Fine Arts Academy in Brescia. The artist produces drawings, paintings, textiles, sculptures, and installations through which he explores the meeting point of the real world, our perception of it, and its artistic representations. His approach to making art is rooted in philosophical considerations of the nature of perception, and how visual phenomena such as colour, images, and art itself affect the way we see and understand reality. He considers drawing both an intellectual and technical pursuit, and it is central to his practice. Donzelli’s work also features mirrors, which he sees as symbols of the process of perception. With their simultaneous ability to reflect and distort, they also mirror our own variable and inevitably inexact comprehension of the surrounding world.


Since 1988 the artists has presented solo shows in various European cities including Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Paris and London and his work has been published in numerous books and catalogues. His work has also been selected for inclusion in curated group exhibitions at prestigious venues including amongst others: Museo Civico Medievale, Bologna (2021); Museo Santa Giulia, Brescia (2020); Museo del Violino, Cremona (2020); Shenzhen Biennale, Luohu Art Museum, Shenzhen (2018); Palazzo Fortuny, Venice (2017); Temple University, Rome (2016); Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome (2015); Padiglione Esprit Nouveau, Bologna (2014); Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo (2013); Museo Internazionale del Design, Cerro di Laveno (2013); Museo Santa Giulia, Brescia (2013); Museo Carlo Bilotti, Rome (2009).