Formally and stylistically the ‘paintings’ of Dirk Salz recall the work of twentieth century masters Josef Albers, Ad Reinhardt and to a certain extent Donald Judd. They appear to speak the same language expressing a preoccupation with colour, composition and a resolute reduction of form. However the tone of Salz’ works – comprising multiple translucent layers of pigment suspended in resin – is distinct from his modern mentors. Utilising contemporary means and methods the artist constructs a truly visual ‘experience’ of form and colour whereby our sense of the painting’s surface and apparent depth is continually challenged depending on our distance from and orientation to the artwork’s highly reflective surface.


Since 2002 the artist has presented a number of solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions in various cities including Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Miami. His work has been consistently shown on international art fairs including amongst others Art Cologne, Art Düsseldorf, Estampa Madrid, London Art Fair, Expo Chicago and Art Miami.