My work has explored an interest in ‘urban camouflage’ and consequently pattern. I utilise  the urban environment as a palette for colours, patterns and shapes... but in the studio, the 'real' world recedes and the endless possibilities of these formal elements present a look inward. Compositions oftentimes start with a considered shape and evolve intuitively so that variable elements come together to form an equilibrium: the sum of the parts equals the whole, in other words.
My process of painting is one of discovery, as if I was to build and solve a puzzle at the same time. At times the correlation of repetition and 'considered randomness' bring to mind the abstract aspect of rhythm, composition and pattern. Other times the composition will move elsewhere - choices in the work arise from the work itself and I strive to be attuned and responsive to them. My exploration into the formal aspects of abstraction and my practice of progressing its elements continues intuitively.